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Exciting News: The Future of SBCA

Dear SBCA Community, I am very excited to share a message with you from the […]

Friday, March 27th

Our morning message from Headmaster Boren and prayer led by the Valenzuela family. Pope Francis […]

Thursday, March 26th

Morning message from Headmaster Boren and prayer led by the Marcucci family. Students were challenged […]

Wednesday, March 25th

Good morning, SBCA families! Here is our morning message from Headmaster Boren. For those who […]

Tuesday, March 24th

Our morning message from Headmaster Boren. We were very blessed this morning to have Fr. […]

Monday, March 23rd

Our morning prayer and a message from Headmaster Boren. The Derendorf family praying the Angelus […]

Chalk Art

Many SBCA families have shared images of chalk art created by our students. They have […]

The Weapons of Self Restraint

On Ash Wednesday, one of the prayers offered during Holy Mass spoke of taking up […]

The Value of Good Literature

A week or two after returning from Christmas Break, the 3rd Grade class was assigned […]

Preparing for Lent with Lessons from “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”

As we enter the liturgical season of Lent, we are reminded that although created in […]

The Mathematician’s Legacy: Lessons Learned

As a part of our ongoing professional development at St. Benedict’s, all of the teachers […]

The Age of Reason: Reflections on Teaching Logic to 6th Graders

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my position at SBCA is teaching […]