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    Catholic Schools Week comes at the perfect time. January, one of the longest months in the year, drags on with its frigid days and dwindling daylight, but then Catholic Schools Week heralds the end of the month, bringing us that much closer to the opening chapter of spring. With its various activities and events, dress-down days and the Houses of Faith celebration, this week brings much excitement and joy to this challenging time of year.

    But Catholic Schools Week carries far more significance than simply a chance to wear our House shirts, however beautiful they may be. This week calls all involved in the noble endeavor of educating in Catholic institutions to reflect on the mission of our schools. For we are not here simply to celebrate one week out of the entire school year; every day here at St. Benedict Classical Academy serves to illustrate that we are, in fact and deed, a Catholic school, and our desire is to live our identity as a Catholic school to its full extent. And while we do want our students to read and write well, to know their addition facts and to recognize important historical figures, we want so much more for them as well. Underneath everything we do is the desire to become saints and to educate future saints. As St. Elizabeth Ann Seton said, “ What was the first rule of our dear Savior’s life? You know it was to do his Father’s will. Well, then, the first purpose of our daily work is to do the will of God; secondly, to do it in the manner He wills; and thirdly, to do it because it is His will. We know certainly that our God calls us to a holy life. We know that He gives us every grace, every abundant grace; and though we are so weak ourselves, this grace is sufficient to carry us through every obstacle and difficulty.” Thus let us hold this desire to do the will of God, to work towards holiness, in our minds as we continue the journey of this school year.

Author: Maria Giallombardo, Religion & Latin Teacher

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