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One night while St. Thomas Aquinas was praying in the chapel of his priory, one of his Dominican brothers, Br. Dominic Caserta, hid in the chapel to watch the saintly man pray. One can imagine his astonishment when the crucifix began to speak to Thomas! Our Lord asked St. Thomas, who was lying prostrate on the floor, “You have written well of me, Thomas. What reward will you receive from me for your labor?” (Of course, Christ spoke to Thomas in Latin!) St. Thomas’ response was simply, “Domine, non nisi Te.” “Lord, nothing except you.” St. Thomas, who had written so elegantly and passionately of our Lord and of the Catholic faith, who we revere today as the Angelic Doctor and who is quoted more than any other person in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, only sought Christ as his reward. We have so much to be thankful for at St. Benedict Classical Academy. We have a new chapel, new kindergarten flooring, new field turf, new space, wonderful families, and an enrollment that continues growing. Yet all that we have is nothing if it is not for Christ. We are here to create something new and beautiful for God. This is our mission each day. Our school exists to educate students in all that is Good, True, and Beautiful. Every day, every lesson, and every moment is aimed at the Cardinal Truth- Jesus Christ. All of the work that we do here must be for Our Lord. My deepest desire for our students is that they come to appreciate education as a noble pursuit and that they grow in love for Our Lord and for His Church. All of our work here serves this purpose and we seek only Our Lord’s blessing as reward. “Domine, non nisi Te!” As we begin this new school year, please join in praying for our students, our families, and that Our Lord will continue to bless this noble endeavor. In Domine, Jay Boren Headmaster[learn_press_profile]

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