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History of the Madonna del Parto

The history of the Madonna del Parto (or Pregnant Madonna) begins with a man named Piero della Francesca who lived in Monterchi, Italy in the 15th century. Piero was commissioned to paint a fresco on the hillside of Montione in the chapel of Santa Maria di Momentana. The fresco depicts the Madonna with Child with two angels, one at each side of Our Lady. The painting has come to be associated with devotions on behalf of expectant mothers for safe deliveries.


The Chapel of the Madonna del Parto at St. Benedict Elementary was constructed in 2018. Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament take place within the chapel regularly. Visitors to our school and chapel- please note that the Eucharist is now present in the tabernacle.


Please see the links below to have a Mass at SBE celebrated in someone’s honor or memory or to donate to the Chapel of the Madonna del Parto: