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For this week’s blog post, I asked my venerable sixth graders to share their favorite memories at St. Benedict Classical Academy. I hope that their delightful reflections will give you a window into the life of our school.

One of my favorite memories from SBCA was the beginning of sixth grade. When I visited our main school building, I found out that they had built a beautiful chapel. The chapel has an incredible wooden altar draped with a white altar cloth, three sturdy benches, and lovely blue walls. Not only is the chapel beautiful, but it also contains the Blessed Sacrament. I soon found out that Mrs. Bleakley’s husband had made the altar. I couldn’t believe it! It was so beautiful! Sometimes we go to the chapel to pray during religion class, which is a great opportunity.

My favorite part of SBCA is being a counselor for my House of Faith. At first I was scared that I would mess up the names when I was welcoming new students. Over the course of our meetings, I grew to know the younger students. Every time we planned a meeting, I felt like I was in charge. It made me feel like I was a teacher planning lessons for the students. On field day, everyone cheers on their house, and I know all the younger students’ names. I love being the leader that all the little kids look up to. I know that when I go on to a bigger school, I will definitely miss Houses of Faith.

My favorite memory at SBCA was walking the Freedom Trail in third grade. My whole class had a lot of fun learning about what our founding fathers did on a daily basis. We learned about what they would do to punish criminals, how they would speak to each other, and what the different jobs were. My favorite stop on the journey was the Granary Burying Ground, where many important people were buried.

One of my favorite memories from SBCA was in fifth grade during religion class. We were learning about the Old Testament and Mrs. Hernandez gave us each a bible passage to read and summarize. She gave me a passage from Judges, where I read about a warrior named Gideon. It was like a fantasy story! He went on adventures and fought bad guys. Gideon became my favorite bible character that day.

My favorite memory from SBCA is from sixth grade history class. We were studying Sumerian cuneiform and our teacher Ms. Giallombardo said that we would make clay tablets. The tablets would have phrases in the Sumerian alphabet on them. We were all so excited! By the next history class, we all had our phrases ready and Ms. Giallombardo had brought in the clay. We etched our clay tablets just like the ancient Sumerians and let them dry. It was extremely messy, but loads of fun!

One of my favorite memories at SBCA was when my class went to go see a play called A Christmas Carol. The actors were amazing, and we had great seats. My favorite part was when the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come appeared and lightning sounds roared all around the theater.

One of my favorite times at St. Benedict Classical Academy is on field day when everyone in the school joins together in their Houses of Faith to compete in all different types of games. One of my favorite games we have played in the past would have to be the relay races! I enjoy field day for many reasons, but I especially love getting together with friends and family to play and compete. The whole school has a place in my heart, but field day is extra special to me.

My favorite memory of this year was when we saw the Nutcracker ballet. My favorite part was when the children opened up their Christmas gifts. We all sat directly in front of the stage, so we could see all of the dancers! The final thing I liked about it was the beautiful music, which changed from scene to scene.

My favorite memory at SBCA was when we went to Old Sturbridge Village, which is a town set in the 1830s. When I arrived, I knew that it was going to be a fun field trip. Our tour guide brought us into a few of the shops around the tiny town, like the blacksmith and the cobbler. Then we went into the farm and saw many cows and horses. One of my favorite parts was when we went into the old school building. We spent the whole day at Old Sturbridge Village, but when we left I almost felt sad that we could not spend more time there.

Author: Emily Hernandez, 6th Grade Teacher & 6th Grade Students


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