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Faith in Education: The Powerful Impact of Our Catholic Identity


“Repeat after me: ‘nunc coepi’” “NOONK CHEPPY!” “Now, I begin.” “NOW I BEGIN!” “You can always, always begin again. We will always help you figure out how to begin again. God wants you to begin again when something goes wrong (and so do your teachers!)” My office is located in our St. Placid building, which is home to our early learning program. One of my duties is to serve and coordinate support for our early learning faculty members. Even with these, our youngest students, Faith and the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church illuminate every part of our day. We [...]

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Baroque’s GOAT


Every summer the search for artists to include in SBCA’s artist of the month line-up begins. Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio makes the list almost every year. In my opinion, he is the best choice and a solid standout in the Baroque era. My hope is that the students at SBCA will tell you why. Caravaggio dominates February as our artist of the month because of his compelling compositions that capture dramatic moments. He is a minimalist who controls what the focus should be. Spare scenes with dramatic illumination or tenebrism set the stage for the miracles unfolding on canvas. Remarkably, we [...]

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Turning Darkness into Light


Many of my students have told me that history is their favorite subject at school. First graders at St. Benedict Classical Academy are introduced to the study of history by following a timeline spanning from Creation to the present day. Each week students get a brief glimpse into a particular time and place through the eyes of individuals or groups of people. Through storytelling, children imagine the wonder of early hunter-gatherers as they painted by flickering torch light deep in the earth. They discover the importance of literacy in civilization as we observe the development of several writing systems from hieroglyphics [...]

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Speak Well


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” - Proverbs 18:21 I now teach four Latin classes at St. Benedict Classical Academy, but only have recently gained a true appreciation of the language. Like my students, I too wrestled with the questions: Why Latin? Why are we doing this? Some of the students struggle to master reading and writing in their own native language as it is, so why are we having them spend their time and energy on a language which is dead in all but the Catholic church, [...]

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Saints Anne and Joachim Society


Grandparents for the Future of Saint Benedict Classical Academy Dear SBCA Grandparents, Little is known about the lives of Saints Anne and Joachim, the parents of Mary and grandparents of Jesus. Second century sources tell us that Anne was born in Bethlehem but married the scholarly and pious Joachim of Nazareth. They were barren until visited by an angel, who foretold the birth of a most wondrous child to them: a daughter, whom Anne named Mary. So grateful were they to the Lord for this blessing that they brought little Mary to the Temple of Jerusalem and consecrated her to the [...]

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The Fibonacci Sequence & Discovering Beauty


Marion Montgomery in his novel, The Truth of Things: Liberal Arts and the Recovery of Reality, affirms that education is “the preparing of the mind for the presence of our common inheritance, the accumulated and accumulating knowledge of the truth of things.” At St. Benedict Classical Academy, we often speak about the truth that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, and consequently why it is so important for our students to look back on these cultural giants and develop an appreciation for who and where the information they are learning has come from. This practice adds a depth to [...]

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Learning History, A Classical Approach


Last year, a grandfather of an SBCA student stood outside with me on a beautiful spring day. It was Grandparents Day and the campus was abuzz with the happy sounds of chatter and laughter as beloved grandmothers and grandfathers enjoyed refreshments following a presentation prepared and performed by our students. This particular grandfather's face lit up with a smile as he enjoyed a cup of lemonade and reflected on how much he had enjoyed seeing his grand sons and daughters recite poetry, perform historical speeches and show off their knowledge of US history in particular. He gushed about how much it [...]

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Be near us, oh Lord!


“I want to be the priest, no I want to be the priest!” How often is it that you hear this phrase during daily life? For me, it is a pretty common occurrence.  This year my office is in St. Placid, where our pre-school campus is located. Our pre-Kindergarten program at SBCA is a perfect blend of Montessori instruction and faith formation through Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Students experience the beauty and wonder of their faith through exploring the items of the Mass firsthand, singing and praying together, and learning about their faith in their daily life. One of the [...]

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The Gift of Song – St. Romanos


We all have God-given talents that we are called to share with the world. One talent that lies within each of us is our voice. Whether it is singing on or off-key, music is a powerful tool that inspires and connects. This Saturday, October 1st, is Saint Romanos the Melodist’s feast day. He was born in the 5th century and is known as a composer and hymnographer.St. Romanos didn’t always have the gift of song. He was of average musical talent but had a deep desire to praise and glorify God. During his life, the tradition for morning prayers was that [...]

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