Be Like Walker


As many of you undoubtedly know, one of my passions is training my dogs. I have two Labrador Retrievers, Huck and Walker. I train them for AKC Hunt Tests and Field Trials. These tests and trials simulate a duck hunt. There are three levels (Junior, Senior, and Master) and the levels become increasingly difficult as you progress through them. When a dog reaches the Master level he is performing some very high-level talents. I will not bore everyone with the details here, however, if you are interested just let me know…I can talk about this topic for hours!  Recently, my dog [...]

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The Sign of the Cross


We all know how to make the sign of the cross, right? Yet, do we understand the importance or prominence that simple and easy sacramental should hold in each moment of our day? Often, I admit, I have used this sign respectfully, but superficially, unaware of its full significance. Recently I read The Sign of the Cross: Recovering the Power of the Ancient Prayer by Bert Ghezzi, a free ebook available through Word on Fire. Ancient prayer? I thought it was an opening to and closing of prayer and a symbol of a Christian, but a prayer?! Apparently I didn’t know [...]

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Finding Our Calcutta


One recent February day just before the dawn of Lent, in our St. Benedict Classical Academy (SBCA) Pre-Kindergarten classroom at our St Placid Campus, I was preparing to lead an activity that would help our little ones begin to have an understanding of the Beatitudes. Truthfully I am just as much a learner about our Catholic faith as even our youngest student - our Faith is an ongoing and lifelong pursuit. I started by pondering and praying about each Beatitude and each of the theological virtues of Faith, Hope, and Charity, and how they applied to my role in the classroom. [...]

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Lenten Gratitude


On Ash Wednesday, the Church began the great preparation for Easter—the holiest liturgical season of the year. As a child, I fondly remember receiving the ashes on my young forehead, my parents asking me what treasured thing I would choose to give up for the following six weeks. (I usually chose candy—we did not have it that often, so that was easy!) During this time of fasting, I remember sitting together on the couch while my dad read the Chronicles of Narnia to my brothers and sisters and I, in place of watching our favorite show or movie. We went to [...]

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With every breath


“Pray without ceasing” is something I have heard many times, but am only just beginning to comprehend how this could pertain to my own life. I thought Perpetual Prayer was completely unattainable; something I could only achieve if I remained in complete silence. I would often wonder about how our world is very loud and distracting, so, how can anyone other than priests and cloistered nuns be called to this type of prayer? How can we truly pray without ceasing?  The Jesus Prayer, or “Prayer of the Heart” is a way to speak to God through repeated incantations, and as I [...]

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The Ignatian Examen in Grade 5


One of the great blessings of my Catholic formation has been the exposure to various traditions within the Faith. In my undergraduate studies at Providence College, I learned about the Dominican tradition of preaching, teaching, and doctrinal study. In my graduate studies at Boston College, I was exposed to the Jesuit commitment to contemplative action and service. Here at Saint Benedict Classical Academy I have seen the Benedictine praise of God through both scripture and tradition. Each approach to the spiritual life has been helpful in unlocking a new layer of the rich tradition of our Catholic Faith. In my role [...]

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