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As we are over halfway through the Lenten Season, I decided to check in with my students in the 3rd grade class to see how they have grown from prayer, fasting, and almsgiving so far this Lent, and also how they would like to continue throughout the last three weeks. Here are some of the responses:

“I have grown through prayer, work, and play. I have given half my playtime to God in Lent, and I spent that time praying.”

“I have been more helpful, or at least tried to, for Lent, and this has helped me grow closer to the Lord. This helps me get into the habit of being generous with my time.”

“Instead of playing on electronics, I have been playing with my sisters. I wanted to do that so I can be kinder to my sisters.”

“I think that fasting this Lent and trying to pray more and just giving time to help my mom has really helped me grow closer to the Lord. I think for these last three weeks of Lent I should try even harder to grow closer to our Lord.”

“Instead of watching TV on weekdays, I pray extra at night. By doing this, I think I am growing closer and closer to God.”

“I am giving up candy for Lent and instead of having dessert every night, I pray the rosary. And now giving up candy has helped me realize that I know a little of how Jesus felt.”

As we finish the season of Lent, our third graders will be praying for the entire SBCA community.

Author: Finlay Cushen, 3rd grade teacher, and 3rd grade students

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