For nearly a decade, it has been my great joy to serve as Headmaster of St. Benedict Classical Academy. In 2015, my wife, Katie, and I moved our family from Mobile, Alabama, to New England to join the SBCA community, a move we made so that we could be part of something new and exciting in Catholic education. As we contended with the many challenges of being Catholic educators in this broken world, we became increasingly convinced that our students and families would be best served by a return to education as it ought to be, and a deeper investment in our beautiful Catholic faith.

At St. Benedict Classical Academy we seek to do just that: we weave together an authentically Catholic culture with a rigorous classical curriculum. Over these years our school, whose story is one of seemingly unlikely success, as only God can orchestrate, has grown from 23 students to 255. What a privilege and a blessing it has been to serve the many wonderful families who have joined us on this journey.

Since having arrived at SBCA I have worked closely with our Board, staff, and faculty to focus on recruiting the very best faculty and staff possible. In our recent annual parent survey, 100% of our parents agreed that our school: has a rigorous academic program, that our teachers help their children grow in virtue, and that our school helps their children better understand their Catholic faith. Given that the vast majority of our families (76%) completed this survey, these outcomes are staggering and deeply validating, though I must say not entirely surprising to me. That is because our teachers come to school every single day with a joy and passion that is authentic, unmatched, and has become the hallmark of the SBCA experience.

At SBCA we immerse our students in all that is Good, True, and Beautiful- the great works of art, music, and literature of the West, a rich narrative telling of the history of time and civilization, religious education and character formation that speaks to their highest dignity and stokes within them sincere wonder, reverence, and a sense of peace about their place in God’s beautifully ordered universe. We have high hopes and expectations for our students and they consistently amaze us.

In an ever-changing world, SBCA offers our students an education rooted in the rich intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church. If you seek an authentically Catholic and rigorous academic education for your child, in a simple, joy-filled culture, I encourage you to come and meet us, see our school, and consider for yourselves how joining us might serve your child and family well.

In Domino,

Jay Boren


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