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It is my great joy and privilege to be Headmaster of St. Benedict Classical Academy. I moved my family all the way from Mobile, Alabama to New England to take on this exciting role because I believe that SBCA is truly a school like none other. At St. Benedict Classical Academy, our beautiful Catholic faith and an extensive, virtue-based character development program are woven intricately into a rich, time-tested classical curriculum, allowing us to build in our young scholars the foundation they need to succeed not only in the classroom and eventually the workforce but in their lives, in their relationships with their fellow man, as citizens and, one hopes, as future saints in Heaven. Our students need SBCA, and I believe our world needs SBCA students.


Since taking the helm, I have focused on innovating new ways to advance our mission and to continue the work of making St. Benedict Classical Academy the strongest and most vibrant classical Catholic school in the region. Through our distinctive program of study, our students are exposed to the good, the true, and the beautiful each day. Whether it is our school-wide, weekly study and practice of a specific virtue, the institution of our school motto and model for behavior, “The St. Benedict Way,” or the academic study of science, history or religion, our students learn the beauty and truth of God’s benevolent design in each class, across the disciplines. There is real fine art adorning the walls of the SBCA school house, great literature read in the classrooms, ancient Gregorian hymns chanted in music class, kindness shown from one student to the next, focus and diligence modeled by extraordinary teachers, and faith sewn into our young scholars’ hearts. There is no moment in the day, no mundane duty or lesson unworthy of being made into an opportunity to further our singular mission: to form our children into scholars of academia and saints of Heaven.


I warmly welcome you to take a closer look at St. Benedict Classical Academy and discover all that your family—and our society—stands to gain from this noble little school’s continued success.


In Domino,

Jay Boren


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