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Good morning, SBCA families! Here is our morning message from Headmaster Boren.

For those who were unable to attend Mass with us yesterday, here is a recording of the Mass. We are grateful to Fr. Stamm for continuing to celebrate our weekly SBCA Masses with us each Tuesday.

Mrs. Smith says hello from South Natick, where she has been enjoying many nature walks in the Broadmoor Audubon Sanctuary behind her house! She says, “Especially cool was this woodpecker’s hole! However, woodpeckers are uncool when tapping on your house!” Has your family gone on any nature walks around your home?

The Villecco family enjoyed a walk down to the river near their house, where they were able to get outside and appreciate God’s beauty!

“Centers” has always been a favorite in Kindergarten! This week, students are creating circle art in the art station, making their own store in the math station, and experimenting with various solutions to best clean pennies in the science station.

Luke has been working on creating a wonderful landscape of a farm!

Students continue to create beautiful art projects reflecting on “The Return of the Prodigal Son.”

Ms. McArdle’s dog, Luna, says hello to all SBCA students and families!

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